Pro bono days

When I started my freelance business, I decided that I’d donate at least one day a month of my time to help small/lesser-known charities and causes that are close to my heart create awareness-raising online content.

If your budget’s making it hard for you to meet your objectives and you really need some help to maximise your content marketing efforts, please contact me about the possibility of working together on a pro bono* basis.

Examples of pro bono day projects include:

  • writing/sub-editing up to 500 words of web copy (e.g. for a landing page or blog post)
  • conducting a mini website content audit and suggesting key areas for improvement
  • providing advice about how to optimise content for visitors and search engines.

All I ask in return is that you’re willing to provide a short testimonial and give permission for me to feature the work in my portfolio, and I’d also appreciate it if you could keep me in mind for future projects.

Enquire about a pro bono day

* Undertaken voluntarily and without payment